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About - Networking,Power Distribution Equipments in india

EPI Engineering & Project India Pvt Ltd. is a professionally managed company manufacturing Enclosures & Racking Systems, Boxes, Cable Trays & Accessories for Engineering, Networking,Power Distribution Equipments in india . EPI have buildup a reputation for sturdy design, quality workmanship, sound engineering practices and timely delivery commitments.
There is a huge requirement of good and durable storage system in most of the industrial or residential applications. Hence, we EPI Engineering & Project India Pvt. Ltd., offering products made up of Sheet Steel, Aluminum Extrusions and Toughened Glass for Door. Our product line comprises Cable Trays & Raceway, Outdoor Cabinets, Fibre/Co-axial Cable Assembly, Telecom Racks, Storage & Mobile Shelving Racks, Shelving Racks etc. It offers compatibility and are designed to deliver optimum performance. They also come with sound quality, ideal dimensions, robust design that is perfect for long term use. The offered systems are further supported with many ready to use accessories. It aid in placing heavy instruments or equipment within the system such as Fan units, power distribution, Mobile and Fixed shelves, etc.
Our EPI Enclosures, Boxes, Racking system and accessories are designed for optimum performance and offers compatibility and cost minimization. The EPI emphasis is on Modularity, Easy of Assembly in field and Economised Transportation. The products offers sound quality, aesthetics durability and are rugged for long term use.
The systems are supported and supplemented with many ready to use accessories for placing various equipments/instruments within the system such as power distribution, Fan units, Fixed and Moveable shelves etc.
The catalogue details salient features of the products, dimensions, variations & specs for selection by user. EPI shall provide all necessary engineering for use and installation through catalogue, documentation & technical support.